I was rummaging through some of Daisy Bacon’s personal papers and re-discovered this advertisement for SMART LOVE STORIES. The cover used is from the February 1937 issue.IMG_1653

SMART LOVE STORIES started out as AINSLEE’S in December 1934. The original AINSLEE’S was a long-running Street & Smith publication that had been discontinued in December 1926.  Daisy was given the assignment of editing the new AINSLEE’S.

Cute story: Daisy doesn’t say much about either AINSLEE’S or SMART LOVE STORIES. However, columnist James Aswell wrote in his column “My New York” on August 7, 1934:

Recently Daisy Bacon, editress of one of the more romantic pulp paper magazines was presented one evening with a black kitten by a friend named Ainslee. She named the feline Ainslee in commemoration. Next morning at 9 her desk telephone rang and she was informed that the once-famous Ainslee’s Magazine was to be revived and that she had been picked as pilot. 

Whether or not that’s a tall tale concocted by the PR people at Street & Smith or whether it was true is not known. Daisy’s mother writes in her journal of a black kitten in September 1933 named Jet, who met a terrible fate by a neighborhood dog, but that’s as close as I’ve gotten. Poor kitty.

As it was, the reemergence of AINSLEE’S wasn’t a long one, and in October 1936 the title was changed to AINSLEE’S SMART LOVE STORIES, and eventually it was shortened to just SMART LOVE STORIES, which lasted until October 1938.