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PulpFest 2016: In One Word: Spectacular


Going to PulpFest is always a great experience. I get to see friends that I usually only see once a year. The room is full of great reading material for sale. There are informative panels and an auction that is always fun. It’s usually the only place where I can find copies of LOVE STORY MAGAZINE all in one room, for reasonable prices that are usually much better than any price you can find on eBay.

This year was extraordinary for me though, because for some crazy reason, I won the Munsey Award, which is awarded every year to a person who has been of service to the pulp community. The past winners of the Munsey, the Lamont Award, and the Rusty Award vote from a group of nominees. And they picked me this year.  I was shocked to hear my name, to say the least.

The award is a print of a David Saunders painting. It’s being shipped right now, but here’s a photo of me receiving it. Barry Traylor, a good friend and one of the first friends I made at PulpFest, presented me with the award. Thank you, to everyone, for your friendship, your support, and for sharing your knowledge with me over the years.

If that wasn’t enough, I presented a talk on Daisy Bacon on Friday night, and I was pleased with how it turned out. Presentations are always nerve wracking for me, and I was a nervous wreck over this one because the audience was made up of so many experts. But I had a lot of positive responses afterwards so I assume it went well.

The new edition of LOVE STORY WRITER debuted at PulpFest, and the copies I had on my table sold so fast, it was as if they walked off the table. The new edition was done by Bold Venture Press, and I think they did a fantastic job. You can get a copy of LOVE STORY WRITER as their website, and on

I also scored some great pulps. Besides the LOVE STORY issues, I bought a few copies of two magazines that are very rare finds: REAL LOVE from 1931 and the second version of AINSLEE’S from 1935 and 1936. Both of these magazines were edited by Daisy and they are as hard as the dickens to find. Thanks to my friend Sheila Vanderbeek who showed these to me and “allowed” me to buy them from her.

I also found a 1920s CUPID’S DIARY for a reasonable price, which I was delighted to find because they are usually priced very high on eBay.

There are a couple of places where you can read good reports about the con. One is Walker Martin’s Con Report at the MysteryFile blog. The photo above of me with the award was taken by Sai Shankar from Pulp Flakes blog, a new friend I met this year and spent an enjoyable dinner with. Sai’s got some great photos over at PulpFlakes of the con.  And Bill Lampkin has posted several reports and more great photos over at the Yellowed Perils blog on website.

There were so many good experiences, and chats with old friends that to write about them now makes me a little depressed. I don’t want to wait another year to see these people again. Moving to the east coast is looking better and better.