My Favorite Christmas Covers

From now until Christmas Day, I’ll be posting a series of Christmas covers from the golden years of the pulp fiction magazine. Enjoy.

LS 1936 12.2612346550_10205319033363284_3193156968406548672_n10868180_823757060995660_3485279804063885673_n1453562_10200954089362412_2052554236_nblue_book_19441210322595_823771380994228_4773101118861754035_n10386765_10203200257115202_3515642655951306171_n1653682_10203200261875321_1075224745387692817_neverybodys_191312


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Covers

  1. Two of my favorite Christmas covers are shown here. The DETECTIVE STORY cover with Santa giving out presents addressed to the series characters appearing in the magazine and the WESTERN STORY cover showing the three cowboys singing. Seeing the many newsstands back then must have been a great sight and full of the Holiday spirit.


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