Steve Kennedy, 1945-2015

I was shocked and saddened to hear the news that Steve Kennedy has passed away.IMG00022

Some pulp fans who didn’t know Steve will recognize him by the estates that he represented: Walter Baumhoffer, Oscar Bluemner, Hannes Bok (estate), Eliot Clark, James Daugherty, Ratael De Soto, John Gambin (estate), R.G. Harris, Richard Lillis (estate), Charles Prendergast, Maurice Prendergast, Andre Racz (estate), Margery Ryerson, and J. Allen St. John (estate).

I always enjoyed talking to Steve at PulpFest. He was always very kind to me and seemed to be very interested in my projects. One year we got on the discussion of my grandfather and the WILD WEST WEEKLY cover art for some of his stories. I told Steve the story of how, several years ago, I had stumbled upon a home decorating magazine that had a feature story on the rock star Meat Loaf’s home, who collected pulp art. There, in one of the photos, was this Norman Saunders cover that featured Sonny Tabor.

11.12.38 ST 8 x 10

When I mentioned this to Steve, he grinned: he had been the broker for the sale of this work to Meat Loaf.

I’m sure that is just one small story in the hundreds of stories people have about Steve. I don’t know most of them; if any of you would like to share them, please do so in the comments.

Rest in peace, Steve.


3 thoughts on “Steve Kennedy, 1945-2015

  1. I always looked forward to spending time with Steve at the pulp conventions. He was such a kind man and it was always a pleasure to have a conversation with him. It may sound screwy but the pulp community over the years has become sort of an extended family for me. Rest well Steve, I will miss you.


  2. I’ve been friends with Steve Kennedy for many years, since 1987 in fact. For several years we drove out to Pulpcon and Pulpfest together in my car. He sold me dozens of pulp cover paintings over the years and we had many late night telephone conversations. He was always a welcome visitor at my house and even my wife liked Steve. She often gripes about my collector friends but not Steve.

    Concerning the painting above, I used to own it and had it hanging on my hallway wall for many years. Then I traded it to Steve and later he told me Meatloaf had bought it. Rest In Peace Steve.


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