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No PulpFest for Me This Year


I’ve been silent here is because I’ve had to make a tough decision.

For the first time in seven years, I won’t be going to PulpFest this year.  This has been a very hard decision to make, and I have waited until now to really commit one way or another. I enjoy so much going to the convention and seeing everyone that I now consider my friends and also being able to find pulps and great books all in one place. I really do look forward to going every year.

But it’s been a hard year financially, with the coup de grace being gallbladder surgery last month that was unexpected. I also need to make another trip back east for research for the Daisy Bacon book, and finishing the book takes priority. But with everything that’s happened this year, even that trip is in question now.

Aye, it’s been a tough year in some ways, but I’m hanging in and holding my own. I appreciate everyone understanding, and I hope you’ll all keep me posted during PulpFest.