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Photos of the Street & Smith building, including a new one found today


I was doing some research today and found some interesting photos of the Street & Smith offices that were taken around 1906. Some of these photos are going to be familiar to some of you – they have been reprinted many times, such as in the FICTION FACTORY book  published in 1955, that was the 100th anniversary commemorative book for the company. But today, I found at least one that I had never seen before.

These photos were taken after the company built their “new” office building at 79 7th Avenue in 1905. Most of these were publicity photos, in which everything is neat and clean and organized, with every piece of paper in its place.

Exterior of building

reception room

book department


printing room

paper room

general offices

freight bay


Here are the one that I found today on the Museum of the City of New York website. The website just identified this as “office workers.” As you can see, it’s a little different than the stages ones above.

This photo, however, is more in line with what I’ve read about the Street & Smith offices: that they were packed to the brim with books, manuscripts, files, rolls of paper, and anything else that the co-owner, Ormond Smith, refused to throw away since before the turn of the century.

Here’s another photo of the exterior I found today. It seems more realistic than the one taken above.