Bonnett’s: A Store for Magazine Lovers

William Lampkin over at Yellowed Perils blog has a great post on Bonnett’s, billed as “Ohio’s Largest Dealer in Back Issue Magazines,” located in Dayton. Go here to see the vintage pic and more information. I didn’t even know these kind of stores still existed. How sad is that.


3 thoughts on “Bonnett’s: A Store for Magazine Lovers

  1. There was Periodical Paradise in Portland. It was like a scene out of Berlin in ’45 but they had a lot of magazines. It’s gone now.


  2. I used to go to Bonnett’s the day before each Pulpcon. I’m glad to learn that they still are around. The original Bonnett is deceased now but he attended Pulpcon once and we were all stunned to discover that he had wrote some stories for the pulps, including BLACK MASK.


  3. That’s amazing Walker. You never know about people. I really wish there were more magazine stores – I keep harping on that, but it’s true. There’s one in Santa Clarita, CA which is good, and there used to be a book/magazine store in San Pedro – the oldest bookstore in L.A. – but it has closed down.


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