Rest in Peace, Ron Scheer

Ron Scheer lost his battle with cancer today. Many of us who knew him, either personally or in the blogging world, are devastated.  I met Ron at the Republic Pictures 50th anniversary celebration in Studio City a few years back, and we had a very pleasant lunch together at some tables in the back. We share some common interests: in the western story, in publishing,  in writing, and in blogging. I treasure that memory now.

Ron Scheer

Ron was a brilliant writer who chronicled his battle with cancer on his blog Buddies in the Saddle, in ways that no one else I know has done. Beautifully, poetically, without one shred of sentimentality.

David Cranmer, who worked with Ron in publishing his two-volume set HOW THE WEST WAS WRITTEN, will be a guest blogger on Buddies in the Saddle eventually to pay tribute to Ron.

Ron did this video in 2009 on his native land, Nebraska.

Rest in Peace, Ron.


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