New Site. New Look. Same Pulpy Content.

I’m back in the saddle – or at least halfway, that is.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, or you’ve been trying to view my old blog at Blogger and found nothing, it’s because Blogger deleted the original “Laurie’s Wild West” blog several days ago. I had complained because a certain slime bucket person (a stranger) had hacked my blog and impersonated me in a comment. After I complained to Blogger, they just inexplicably deleted my whole blog! ALL of it. SEVEN YEARS OF WORK DOWN THE DRAIN. And there’s no workable way to contact them, at least that I’ve found.

It’s a good thing that all of the photos and my longer work was saved on my own computer, but a lot of posts that I wrote impromptu in the blogger software are gone. GONE.

I have sent Blogger several emails and tried to find out how to recover the blog to no avail. Rather than wait for them to figure out their error, I have just decided to start a new blog, here on wordpress.

Please note the new address: I know some of you will be happy because this new address is shorter than the other one.

Oh, and by the way, Blogger also deleted my Londonholic blog as well, at the same time they deleted Laurie’s Wild West. Isn’t that special?

Ah well. I try to not let these kind of hiccups upset me too much. Life is too short. And this gives me the opportunity to start anew, with another company and more options for design. The topics will remain the same. pulp fiction, westerns, history, books, writing, and Daisy Bacon and the romance pulps will continue unabated. I don’t give up that easily.

The same information about my grandfather’s books.


The same posts on pulp fiction news and cover themes.

WWW 22Apr33

The same updates on the book on Daisy Bacon and LOVE STORY.

LS 1931 12.19

And of course, miscellaneous photos and posts about my animals.

photo (1)

So goodbye Blogger, and hello WordPress!


5 thoughts on “New Site. New Look. Same Pulpy Content.

  1. Laurie, I’m glad to see you back and I have to admit there is no way that I would have been able to handle this disaster as well as you. I hate book burning and this is even worse. Instead of burning a few books, they managed to wipe out everything. I guess that’s why I’m so enthusiastic about collecting books and pulps rather than just reading e-books. You can’t delete a book or pulp. At least not completely.


  2. Laurie, I have just now discovered your new blog. After several tries at the old one, always to no avail. So now I’ll be catching up on all your posts and news. Welcome to WordPress!


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